3 Reasons Why Gift Cards are the Perfect Gift this Year

It is no secret that the coronavirus pandemic practically shut down America overnight. While social distancing has been vital in combating the deadly virus, it has led to over 100,000 American small business establishments shutting their doors for good. Small businesses need your help, and the best way you can lend a hand is by purchasing gift cards to be spent at a later date or online. Don’t let any more small businesses shut their doors! Here’s how you can help.

Shop Local with Woodcrafters DIYGift Cards Help Businesses Now

Purchasing a gift card can be a successful way to help small businesses stay afloat because they provide them with cashflow for current business operations. Since foot traffic is at an all-time low, purchasing gift cards for online orders and takeout/curbside pickup is a great way to help businesses keep their doors open. However, make sure you redeem your gift cards; otherwise, you could be hurting the company you were hoping to help. Click here to learn more about unclaimed property laws.Shop Local with Prospect Street Market

Gift Cards are an Underrated Gift

Chances are, we have all received a witty Hallmark card for a birthday or holiday that contained a gift card. As a kid, I hated receiving gift cards. I wanted something that I could hold and play with right then and there - instant gratification. But as I grew older, I realized that the real gift I was receiving was potential and perfection. 

We have all received presents that we didn't want or need. While we appreciate the gesture, we still feel guilty because their hard-earned money could have been spent on something that we truly would have cherished. Gift cards eliminate that problem. They provide endless potential but place the burden of the purchase on the gift receiver. So that person can redeem it on something they truly desire.

Convenience - The Gift that Keeps On Giving

We live in the day and age of electric currency. Credit card companies offer massive rewards and cashback opportunities. Millennials and Gen Z don't even carry cash anymore and can even use their mobile phone/watch to pay their bill. It's all about convenience, and gift cards offer just that. Gift cards fit easily in a wallet or purse can be reloaded for future use with ease. Gift cards can also be purchased electronically and automatically added to an existing account. 

Shop Local with Little Red RibbonNow that we've talked your ear off about gift cards, head over to our landing page of gift card opportunities to support the local businesses of Chicago Northwest.  And make sure your gift recipient spends that money quickly! OR enjoy this list of Chicago Northwest shopping destinations -- shop online today!