Elk Grove Village

Named for the native elk that roamed the northern Illinois forests and grasslands, Elk Grove Village was initially settled in 1834 by pioneer New England farmers. By 1848, German-immigrant farmers soon settled in the area, establishing a territory that would eventually become Elk Grove Village. 

The rural community transformed into a center of commerce when Douglas Aircraft built a military transport manufacturing plant in nearby Orchard Place during World War II. Following the war, the industrial facility and land was sold for $1 to the City of Chicago as war surplus. The location would then become the world’s busiest airport – O’Hare International Airport. 

Elk Grove is known and respected for its excellent parks and recreation, schools, access to transportation, varied housing stock, vibrant economy, low crime rate, exceptional community service, and small-town atmosphere.  

In addition to Elk Grove’s residential community, it also possesses a booming business community. Beginning from only 90 companies that were opened for business in 1962, there are now over 5,600 firms and service organizations within the Village. The five square mile Elk Grove Village Business Park contains the second largest concentration of employment in the state of Illinois, with approximately 100,000 people commuting here for work. It contains a diverse mix of local, national, and international companies. 

Given its namesake, Elk Grove Village is also home to a 17-acre pen where visitors can catch elk roaming the pasture. Cook County Commissioner William Busse brought an elk herd of nine cows and one bull from Yellowstone National Park to Elk Grove Township in 1925. The size of the herd has fluctuated over time and every three to four years new males are introduced to maintain genetic diversity.

Source: Village of Elk Grove Village and Forest Preserves of Cook County

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