The days of struggling to get a good selfie or capture the perfect video are over. Step inside Selfie WRLD Schaumburg – the Instagram-worthy space located within the Streets of Woodfield just outside Woodfield Mall. Selfie WRLD is an interactive, do-it-yourself photography studio where guests can take quality photos without the large price tag.

Visitors are immediately welcomed by a bright, colorful space with an upbeat playlist to match. Once all checked in, staff assist guests in getting all set up with a provided bluetooth compatible LED ring light. They even share a few helpful tips to get the best shots! While professional cameras are welcome, they are not needed! At Selfie WRLD, the phones we carry in our pockets are embraced as the main tool to get quality images. Being your own creative director and letting one’s self expression take over is completely encouraged and celebrated. 

Once you tap into that inner creative, it’s time to immerse yourself in all the eye-catching, interactive art installations. Among the looks are a retro diner, a 70s living room, a basketball court and many others. In total, there are 15 unique rooms, each with its own theme, background and furniture.

Booths change periodically in an effort to offer guests something new and fun. Depending on the time of year, rooms are even changed to align with different holidays. 

With so many diverse spaces, visitors are also encouraged to bring multiple outfits to make the most out of the experience. Fitting rooms are available to those hoping to change into a variety of looks.

Since opening, Selfie WRLD has welcomed visitors from all over the Midwest and across the country. Teenagers in particular enjoy the indoor playspace and unleash their individual creativity. But if we’re being honest, it’s a place where your imagination can run wild – no matter what age you are. 

Past guests share a trip to Selfie WRLD is so much more than just taking pictures. While it does start as a picture day, before you know it, you’re having an absolute blast and looking forward to moving to the next room. It's the experience one has at the museum that makes the DIY studio so special. The laughs, posing with friends and overall childhood nostalgia make for a memorable day. 

The studio’s location is perfect as it’s next to many other great attractions. The fun doesn’t have to end after the photoshoot is over. Selfie WRLD is conveniently located next to an axe throwing lounge, a bubble tea shop, a comedy club and so much more.

Whether you’re celebrating something special or looking to spice up your social media content, this experience delivers. Guests leave Selfie WRLD feeling good about themselves and rave about how much fun they had. So make sure your phone is charged and get ready to cut loose! Capturing incredible memories awaits.

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